A Journey through Turkish Literature: Turkish Book Review

Turkish Book Review is the first book review in English about Turkish literature. Aiming to introduce Turkish literature to the world, it is published twice a year by Plan B.

The magazine aims to assist Turkish Literature in being translated and published worldwide, together with contributions from many writers, critics, academicians and translators.

It has been distributed in Frankfurt Book Fair 2007, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Libraries and Publications. In 2008, Turkish Book Review was an exhibitor in Frankfurt Book Fair, and met with many editors around the world. The magazine continues to be distributed in many other book fairs across the world. It is also available for sale in several bookstores specialized on magazines and books in foreign languages in Turkey. Furthermore, an electronic copy of the magazine is being sent to 10.000 publishing houses, literary agents, editors and translators in United States, Far East, Asia, Australia, England and many European countries.

Turkish Book Review consists of various sections, including novel, poetry, short story, young authors, children’s books and also books about music, art, theatre, cinema, language, politics, history and Istanbul. Besides presenting contemporary Turkish literature and giving information about new titles, the magazine also has an entire section dedicated to the pioneers of Turkish literature, called the Masters of Turkish Literature. Turkish Book Review also includes presentations of books about Ottoman Architecture, Turkish music, art, history, language and also Turkish cuisine with the purpose of presenting Turkish literature together with the culture surrounding it.

With its original design and professional photography with views of Istanbul on the background, Turkish Book Review certainly qualifies as a collector’s item.

‘…it is the first source that publishing houses, agencies and translators who search for books to translate from Turkish can refer to. What’ going on in Turkish literary and cultural world, which books are notable, who are the major names on the road of Turkish literature… You can find answers to all those questions in Turkish Book Review.’

Mehmet Kalpaklı, PhD,
Bilkent University

In the First Issue…

In the first issue, there is an interview with Bilge Karasu’s prize winning translator Aron Aji and an exclusive excerpt from Aji’s most recent translation, The Evening of a Very Long Day, a comparative analysis of Sylvia Plath and Nilgun Marmara, an article about political novels, as well as reviews of more than 50 books by acclaimed Turkish authors and poets such as Yasar Kemal, Ferit Edgu, Ilhan Berk, Turgut Cansever and Ilber Ortayli. An interview with Ataol Behramoglu sheds light to the different eras of Turkish poetry and its place in the world poetry scene.

In the Second Issue…

In the second issue of Turkish Book Review, there is a special feature on Rumi. Some of the other titles featured in the magazine are: An article about Sabahattin Ali written by Sevengul Sonmez, an interview with Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar’s acclaimed translator Erdag Goknar, an article by Muge Iplikci on Sevgi Soysal, an introductory article on Birhan Keskin by Deniz Durukan, Yusuf Eradam’s article about Can Yucel, an exclusive interview with Talat Sait Halman. Authors presented in this issue includes Ihsan Oktay Anar, Oguz Atay, Tahsin Yucel and Orhan Kemal. Some of the topics covered in this second issue are: Rumi, Humour, Turkish Music, Contemporary Turkish Art, Armenian Art, Turkish Calligraphy, Abidin Dino’s Art, Ottoman Costumes, Modern Turkish Theatre and its history, Government and Islam, Today’s Politics in Turkey, Contemporary Turkish Cuisine, Trees of Turkey.  In the Foreign Look on Turkey section, there is an essay on Turkish Literature by John Smolens.

In the Third Issue…

In this issue, we present a special feature on the international reflections of Turkish literature. This section titled ‘Turkish Literature in Translation’ starts with an interview with Saliha Paker. A critical article by Walter G. Andrews sheds light on the problems Turkish Literature is having on the stage of the literary world. Aron Aji contributes a piece on the Deer Curses (Geyikler Lanetler) by Murathan Mungan. Many celebrated authors are reviewed including Nazim Hikmet, Ilhan Berk, Orhan Pamuk, Yasar Kemal, Halide Edip Adivar. This issue also focuses on Turkish sense of humour. There is also an interview with the editor in chiefs of major Turkish comics magazines. And also Janissary, a rare Ottoman comics magazine is reviewed.

In the Fourth Issue…

In the fourth issue, there is a special feature focusing on letters, alphabet, Ottoman art of calligraphy and alphabet reform in Turkey. There is an interview with the celebrated author Tahsin Yucel on literature, language, semiotics, translation and his works. Besides, George Messo’s translations of Ikinci Yeni poems along with his article on Ikinci Yeni poetry movement, Yusuf Eradam’s article analyzing Lale Muldur’s poems, Deniz Sert’s piece on the eminent journalist Ugur Mumcu and Emma Foulger’s review of Emine Sevgi Ozdamar’s works take place in this issue. You can also find articles on Turkish art and culture including ‘Turkish Music in Theory and Practice’, ‘Modern and Postmodern in Turkey’, ‘Towards a History of Turkish Cinema’. Some of the authors reviewed in this issue are: Nazan Bekiroglu, Ferit Edgu, Talat Halman, Fethi Naci, Gungor Dilmen, Ahmet Umit, Hilmi Yavuz, Ahmet Soysal, Omer Tecimer, Sevket Pamuk, William Hale, Baris Mustecaplioglu, Yavuz Ekinci, Baris Bicakci.

Editor in Chief

Arzu Tascioglu (Gurses)

Board of Editors

Aron Aji
Walter Andrews
Ataol Behramoglu
D. Fatma Ture
Gungor Deniz Vural

ISSN: 1307-6752
Dimensions: 19×27 cm.
Price: 15 Euro